Tesla Said to Have 1.3M Pre Order for Their Electric Powered Cybertruck

You know me…whenever a new Model of Tractor, Combine, Planter, Tillage, any type of equipment comes out, the first thing my mind runs to has always been…“I wonder what it will sell for when I see 'em filter down to the auction market?

Today I’m wondering what Tesla’s electric powered Cybertruck (www.tesla.com/cybertruck) will sell for when they hit the open used market down the road a bit.

Cybertruck in the news today, January 26, 2022, due to Tesla’s quarterly earnings call on Wall Street, story here: Tesla earnings Q4 2021

At 1:06 PM CT today Tesla stock (TSLA) was Up 7.0% at 982.64.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was to be on the after earnings Wall Street call today, which portends good news and ++ outlook from the company. For his part Musk tweeted out this tweet last night to his 71.6M followers:


So why am I blogging about Tesla’s Cybertruck today? Because one of the main bits of advice I got from my father Jerry Peterson 32+ years ago when I set sail down my path of building what would become my Machinery Pete biz was this…

"Always Keep Your Head on a Swivel."

Look around. Pay attention. Always. At everything, not just our own circle of view. In reality to not do so is…dangerous. Blind Spots = Not Good.

So, electric vehicles. What’s your gut take on 'em? I’m guessing a poll across all of our Ag space right now probably wouldn’t exactly match non ag world’s appetite/excitement for all things EV. I could be wrong. Don’t think I am, but certainly haven’t devoted any serious time looking into statistics, polls, etc. I’ve been kind of tied up hanging out at and reporting on farm machinery auctions the past 3+ decades watching the appreciation and demand for good condition older Tractors grow and grow (used values RISING), out where “Rolling Coal” brings smiles and memories of a lifetime working on the farm, getting 'er done, through all the ups & downs, when it was -20 below zero or 105 degrees, getting the job done on the farm just the same as your folks and grandparents did decades ago.Powerful stuff. On the green side from an A or B, on to 70, 720, 4020, 4440, 4960, 8310, 8335R and today’s 8R Series.

But…1.3M pre-orders for Tesla’s Cybertruck. 1.3M is a LOT.

Of course fair here to talk about Tesla’s Cybertruck…to what degree is it really a “Truck” as we think of it? Truck likely being a loaded marketing term with highly ++ resonance to SUV vehicle owners/buyers/potential buyers from large population centers around the country. Interesting to dive into Tesla’s own verbiage on their web site:

Change is always difficult. Always has been. Always will be. Proof came earlier this month when John Deere announced at the CES 2022 show their new Fully Autonomous 8R Tractor, story link here: John Deere Reveals Fully Autonomous 8R Tractor

What was really fascinating was to scroll through the 327 Comments on the Machinery Pete Facebook post about the new John Deere Fully Autonomous 8R Tractor, here’s link to the post: https://www.facebook.com/machinerypete/photos/10160484034518118

Wow…what diverging takes on the news. Understandable of course. Many were upset, even saddened…they are taking the joy out of farming…automation is ruining everything. Then there were folks excited about the news…this can’t get to my farm soon enough…this is the neatest thing I’ve seen in my lifetime, a game changer for those that have to hire operators.

Who’s right, wrong? All in how you look at it.

Which brings me back around to a recent Machinery Pete column I penned for Farm Journal magazine. My lead for the column played off the old adage of their being only 2 certainties in life…Death and Taxes.

Whatever ancient Roman, Greek, or early American dude said those famous words left out the 3rd certainty of life.


Like it or don’t like it, whatever the change happens to be, that’s cool…I humbly suggest however it remains best to keep your noggin on that swivel. So as to not be blindsided when whatever changes rolls around.

…oh, one more thing. While change can and does usually suck. One thing change brings 100% of the time.


Machinery Pete

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Would love to have one of those trucks, the atv in the back of it, and the tractor