2 Tractors Sold High on Ohio Auction Friday - 1 Good Buy

2 sold high, 1 good buy.

I'm talking about 3 tractors sold Friday (March 8, 2019) on a farm retirement auction in south-central Ohio by my friends at Hess Auction Co. (http://www.hessauctionco.com). Let's start with the good buy...a most unusual tractor. Here's a picture of it:


This International Harvester 350 Utility obviously had seen some modifications by its owner. Floater tires on vintage 350. Cool. It sold on the auction Friday for $2,400. When I posted about it on Twitter yesterday (http://www.twitter.com/machinerypete) and Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/therealmachinerypete) so many folks chimed in....geez, those tires alone are worth that price, let alone the tractor itself. But over my nearly 3 decades tracking auction sale price data all over North America, I have noticed that oddly configured tractors and equipment items usually do not for what folks think they will. Quite often below the going rate average auction price, as is the case here on this unique 350. In fact, the average auction price on the last (52) 350 tractors sold = $4,144.

So, yeah, $2,400 was a good buy Friday.

Conversely, a pair of 30-40 plus year old tractors in very nice condition with low hours sold very strong on the south-central farm retirement auction Friday. Let's lead off with the CaseIH 3394 with 5,430 hours sold for $23,000. Here's a picture of it:


$23,000 is the 2nd highest auction sale price on a 3394 tractor the past 5 years. Here's a look at those Top 5 highest auction prices:

Top 5 High Auction Sale Prices Past 5 Years on CaseIH 3394 Tractors

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com


Here's a pic of the only 3394 sold higher at auction the past 5 years, a 1986 model 3394 with 4,382 hours sold for $26,500 on a farm auction in central Minnesota back on 3/18/16:


Link to "Tractor Specs" on CaseIH 3394's: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/case-ih/3394/5652

The other tractor that sold very well on this south-central Ohio farm retirement auction Friday was the Case 1370 pictured below that had only 3,972 hours on it:


It sold for $9,600, making it the 2nd highest auction sale price on a 1370 tractor in 6 years. Note: the highest auction sale price 1370 in the list did sell with a Waldon 10-foot blade:

Top 5 High Auction Prices Past 6 Years on Case 1370 Tractors

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com


One other item caught my eye on this southern Ohio farm auction Friday, a nice Kinze 3500 8/15 planter. I've seen 6 Kinze 3500 8/15 planters sold at auction since mid December 2018. Avg. Auction Price = $32,933 with high of $35,000 and low of $31,000, so this planter sold right on the $$. Here's a picture of the 3500 8/15 sold Friday:



Here's link to (63) Kinze 3500 Planters for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/planting/planters/kinze/3500