Rare IHC 7288 Tractor Sells Wednesday on Ohio Auction

Only 19 were ever built...International Harvester 7288 tractors. 

No. 16 made is up for sale Wednesday (March 20, 2019) on an online auction in Greenville, OH. The sale is by my friends at Leaman Auction, Ltd. (http://www.leamanauctions.com). Here's a picture.


I've never seen an IHC 7288 sell at auction before. I have seen (4) IHC 7488's sell at auction. There were only 16 of those ever made. For reference, here's the sale price rundown:

Auction Prices on IHC 7488 Tractors

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com

Couple things to note here. First, check out the sale date on the pair of most recent IHC 7488 tractors sold...yep, look at that, only 16 ever made, but 2 sold on the same day at different sales, November 10, 2018, one sold in Iowa, the other in Minnesota. Beyond crazy long odds on that happening.

Second thing to note...see the new record high auction sale price of $120,750 on the 1985 IHC 7488 sold on the Davenport, IA Mecum Gone Farmin' collector auction 11/10/18, note the prior record price, $105,000 on a 9/9/17 farm auction in Refton, PA by Leaman Auctions, Ltd., the same folks selling the IHC 7288 Wednesday.

Here's the description of the IHC 7288 for sale Wednesday on the Greenville, OH online auction from Leaman Auction's web site:

"IHC 7288, 16th one of 19 built, Very Rare Tractor, sold new in Urbana Ohio, traded back in to the original dealer with around 2,500 original hours and resold to the present owner 25 years ago. Has been a good tractor, is good in appearance, operates as it should, has 5,363 total hours. Recent rebuild of the original engine (at 5,174 hrs) and with no corners cut. Current owner knows its a rare tractor is proud of the tractor and it has had meticulous maintenance. They like things done right. The only reason this tractor is on the market is that they have upgraded to a late model and higher horsepower tractor. Tractor is on factory wheels, duals and rims with 20.8 X 38 " radial tires all at approx 50% tread remaining. It has 3pt hitch, HD quick hitch. large 1000 RPM PTO and 3 remote valves."

Here are a few more pics of the IHC 7288.






Online bidding opened today at 5 PM on the IHC 7288. 90 minutes later the online bid was already up to $51,100. Here is a link to the online auction: https://www.auctiontime.com/listings/farm-equipment/auctions/online/30912913/1985-international-7288

Although I've not seen an IHC 7288 sold at auction, I have seen the 1st Serial No. IHC 7288. It resides in the amazing all things IHC collection of Jerry and Connie Kuster of Galva, IL. You may recall the one hour plus walk through Machinery Pete Youtube video I posted a couple years back: 


So, how high do you think this IHC 7288 will go? We'll find out in 2 days. Place your bets. Perhaps my friend Jerry from Galva will be a bidder?