Story of Western Minnesota Retired Farmer Who Recovered from COVID-19 Virus

It’s good to have friends.

Now more than ever.

Few days ago my good friend Allen Henslin with Henslin Auctions, Inc. ( in Bird Island, MN dropped me a note. He asked if I wanted to do an interview with a good family friend of theirs, 68 year old farmer from Olivia, John O’Neill.

John O’Neill has recovered from the COVID-19 virus.

Perhaps you saw John on Fox & Friends TV show the other day, talking about his experience. John is pushing HARD to get the word out, about his experience having COVID-19, and also about in his words…“We can get through this by being smart and being careful and by working together.”

Rather than paraphrase our conversation, I’ll simply share the 3 page note John sent me, his timeline walk through of his experience the past few weeks with COVID-19:

John texted me tonight and shared a note…the very reason we ALL have to take this threat so seriously:

I had a text at 4 AM this morning from Madrid, Spain," said O’Neill. "It was from a former exchange student 22 years ago who had seen the video of FOX. His family is in lock down and only leave their home to go directly to grocery story, doctor, or pharmacy only. Any place else they will be arrested and jailed.”

Be safe out there folks. Yes, social distance, wash your hands like crazy. But continue to do what you’ve ALWAYS DONE over the decades…CARE FOR YOUR NEIGHBORS. This is in our Rural American DNA. Only now we have to care in slightly new and different ways. Call and text folks in your cell phone contact list, friends, neighbors, folks on the committees you’re on in town.

As John said, we’ll get through this…Together.

John relayed the former exchange student from Spain had a distinct farm auction memory from his time in Minnesota 22 years ago. “I took him to a Henslin auction when he was here. After that he called Allen, "The Little Convincer.

Allen Henslin is still a mighty fine convincer!

Machinery Pete

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