You know, it is strange how with COVID-19 and everything, we are still seeing HIGH record prices on all kinds of machinery. I agree with Machinery Pete. Everything is changing, the world, the technology, but well taken care of pieces of machinery are not. Even real estate and land values are very good for the prices. It is strange how with 10 people forbidden to go to an auction can still create Outstanding Record prices on almost anything. Funny how things work, isn’t it?


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Very true Ethan. March '20 into early April '20 been amazing to watch farm machinery (and land) auctions all over North America react to coronavirus situation, roll with the punches on the fly, under extreme pressure, daily/hourly changes coming at them from both state & federal level, and continue to get the job done…bringing buyer & seller together in trusted format (now online) to transact.

The auction method of selling is resilient…still powerful…and highly effective. This past month has proved this 100x. Hats off to all folks involved in the auction industry for everything they have done to make this happen…and moreover, for everything they’ve done over the years, the decades, and their lifetimes in the auction business. I along with ALL in the ag space SALUTE YOU!!

Machinery Pete

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