94 Year Old Retired Nebraska Farmer Loses Good Friend to COVID-19

I met Dale and George 3 years ago, early February 2017 in Minden, Neb.

A day I won’t forget.

We were there filming at LandMark Implement for US Farm Report TV show hosted by my friend Tyne Morgan. The LandMark Implement team hosted a big customer breakfast where Tyne and I met Dale Whitefoot and George Widdowson of Shelton, Neb. (George on the left in the pic, Dale on the right).

George was 89 at the time. Dale 91. Friends since 1957. Every Monday…I mean EVERY Monday George and Dale met for breakfast. Solved the world’s problems these 2 retired Nebraska farmers would. Was a hoot meeting and visiting with George and Dale. As my travels would take me back through Nebraksa the past couple years, I’d often think of that morning, talking with George and Dale.

And I would smile.

Dale, now 94, nearly 95, called and left a message on my cell phone the other day. “I’ve got some sad news Pete,” is how Dale’s phone message started

George passed away March 31st, at the age of 92. Due to COVID-19.

Dale and I had recently seen each other, back in February '20 at a LandMark Implement Sprayer Clinic I was speaking at. Dale brought something with him that day. Our group picture from 3 years earlier.

George and I had breakfast every Monday for 25 years,” Dale said. “He’d pick me up at 7:30. I’d get home around noon. We counted one time, think we had breakfast at over 30 restaurants in the area over the years.

George would have been 93 on May 23rd. Dale will turn 95 the next day, May 24th.

Retired farmers. Friends for 63 years. Breakfast buddies for 25 years. The May birthday boys.

COVID-19 is an awful thing. We’ll get through it. We will. But as we work through it day by day, week by week…don’t let the daily statistics of death counts be just numbers, statistics, curves to bent. Each and every life lost here and around the world to this disease is precious. Special. Connected to loved ones.

And Friends. Like George and Dale.

And as we’re all social distancing and staying apart…consider the truth we all know deep in our hearts, but all too often forget.

One of Life’s most precious gifts is a Good Friend.

Rest well George.

Machinery Pete