Southern Indiana Online Farm Auction Today Produces Hot Prices

Strong prices, rightly so, today (January 5, 2021) on the Jonathan Cody Sutton online farm estate auction in Monroe City, IN by Sullivan Auctioneers. A few highlights…

1984 JD 4650 with 4915 hours, sold: $44,500

Pete’s Note:$44,500 is the 3rd Highest auction price on 4650 past 5 years

1993 CaseIH 1688 with 3218 hours, sold: $28,000

Pete’s Note:$28K is the 4th Highest auction price on 1688 past 4 years

2009 CaseIH 2162 30’ draper head, sold: $41,500 (header cart sold separate)

2018 JD CX15 15’ batwing mower, sold: $17,000

Pete’s Note:$17,000 is tied all time Highest auction price ever on CX15

1967 Autocar semi with 410,832 miles, restored, sold: $15,250

1995 Ford F250 4WD with 233,107 miles, 7.3L Powerstroke, reg. cab, sold: $11,250

View full sale price report from Jonathan Cody Sutton online farm estate auction today here:

Machinery Pete