John Deere 4850 2WD Sold For Record Price on Indiana Auction Wednesday

Another new record high auction sale price to report, this one from a west-central Indiana online farm retirement auction Wednesday (December 30, 2020).

1986 JD 4850 2WD with 2847 hours, 1 owner, sold: $57,250
Pete’s Note:Previous record high auction price on JD 4850 2WD was $53,000 14+ years ago, on 8/16/06 farm auction in Garden City, KS where a 1988 model 4850 2WD with 2730 hours sold for $53K

The online farm retirement auction in Sullivan, IN Wednesday for Donald Schloot was by my good friends at Jeff Boston Auction Service. A couple other items on this auction sold very strong.

1991 JD 2955 2WD with 2564 hours, 1 owner, sold: $32,000
Pete’s Note:$32K is 2nd Highest auction price ever on JD 2955 2WD. Interesting, the 2 highest prices both came in 2020

JD 750 15’ no-till drill, sold: $19,500

JD 7200 6R-30 planter, 2300 acres, 1 owner, sold: $11,750

Click here to view complete sale price report from the Donald Schloot online farm retirement auction Wednesday in Sullivan, IN:

Link to JD 4850’s for sale today:
Link to JD 2955’s for sale today:
Link to JD 750’s for sale today:
Link to JD 7200’s for sale today:

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