Restored 1965 Farmall 1206 Narrow Front Sold on Illinois Auction - 5th Highest Price Ever

The big rare vintage John Deere 4WD tractors got all the attention (WA-17 sold $148K and 8020 sold $137,500 - here’s video of them selling:

…but those Farmall 1206’s!

On the Darrell and Lorene Ebbersten collector auction this past Tuesday (June 9, 2020) in Elkhart, IL by our good friends at Polk Auction Company (

The beautifully restored 1965 model 1206 on the sale was a narrow front and sale literature indicated over $40K had been spent on it during restoration. Here’s a picture of it.

SOLD: $30,000.

$30K is tied for the 5th Highest ever auction sale price on a Farmall 1206.


Leading the list of highest auction prices on 1206’s was the rare Industrial Yellow 1206, 1 of only 10 made, 1 of only 3 with TA, sold for $42,000 on a 3/26/14 consignment auction in Philadelphia, MS. Here’s a picture of it.

2nd highest selling 1206 at auction was just earlier this year, on a 1/8/20 online auction from Atlantic, IA. Below is a picture of the completely restored 1966 model 1206 front wheel assist with 7431 hours that sold for $36,500.

The 3rd highest price ever 1206 at auction is an interesting one due to WHEN it sold…9/6/08 auction in Danbury, IA. A restored 1966 model with 3696 hours, it went for $32,500 (pic below).


2008 is the year when the Machinery Pete auction sale price data I’ve been compiling now for 30+ years first began to show a big uptick in values in vintage muscle tractors from the late 1960’s - early 1970’s. Makes perfect sense as November 2007 is when corn and soybean prices skyrocketed higher ushering in an extended period of good times for ag…and that newfound $$ in pocket began aggressively chasing the cool tractors of farmers’ former youth.

There was a 2nd 1206 on the Elkhart, IL collector auction last Tuesday, the 1966 model, repainted, with 5246 hours, wide front, sold for $23,250. Here’s a picture of it.

While we are the topic of Farmall 1206’s…here’s link to a Machinery Pete Youtube video I posted almost 10 years ago, in August of 2010, where I drove down to Klemme, IA to see the 1st SN# 1206, which belonged to Luverne Schmidt:

And one final 1206 video for you…from Michigan a few years ago, video of a 1206 pulling a string of 20 homemade hay racks made by Chuck Timm. Wow:

"Tractor Specs" on Farmall 1206’s:

And finally, here’s link to (2) sweet 1206’s for sale today, one in Indiana (pic below - at H&R Agri Power), the other in NY:

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those are some nice 1206’s expecionly the industrial one