Pex tubing for a sprayer

I bought a Hardi TR500 sprayer. Long story short, it is a winter project. I would like to start fresh with new plumbing on it and it seems to me that pex tubing would work nice. Does anyone know of any reason that pex would not work? Will it stand up to the spray chemicals? I’m only spraying corn and alfalfa.

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Is it the right size for the Hardi nozzle bodies. I just built a boom for the gator using pvc pipe and tejet nozzle bodies. Tejet parts are way cheaper than Hardi.

The old nozzle bodies are beat up and the screws are seized up in a lot of them. I was figuring on going with all new bodies, tips and screens and was planning to use Tee - jet for the same reason you had mentioned about the Hardi bodies.