Original 1955 John Deere 60 Tractor Sold Over $25K on Nebraska Auction

Original is where it's at.

I'm talking about when it comes to collector tractors. Original condition is King. The point was driven home yet again last week in the online collector ending May 17, 2018 for John Nikodym of Red Cloud, Neb. The online auction was conducted by our good friends at Aumann Vintage Power (http://www.aumannvintagepower.com).

On this auction was the 1955 John Deere 60 pictured below. 1,122 actual 2nd owner hours. Here was the description of the tractor on Aumann Vintage Power's web site: "Serial no. 6049946, built April 8th 1955, row-crop, all-fuel, pristine original 2 owner tractor, 1,122 original hours on a working tach, power steering, roll-o-matic front, original 12-38" Firestone rears and 6.00-16" Firestone front tires, single hyd with factory supplied hyd cylinder, left brake drum has discolored paint, power steering pump developed a slight leak during picture taking."

It sold for $25,725. There were a total of 145 online bids on this tractor.

$25,725 is the highest auction price I have seen on a John Deere 60 that wasn't a rare LP Standard (25 made) or a High Crop. Here's a look at the 10 all time highest auction sale prices on John Deere 60 Tractors:

10 Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 60 Tractors

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com

The sale bill indicated this 1955 John Deere 60 was bought by the original owners and used only in 1955 - 1956, then shedded until 1992. Unrestored, everything factory original.

Original...there's that word again.

"This is a great example of what killer nice original paint is doing," said auctioneer Kurt Aumann. Kurt should know, having specialized in vintage tractor auctions for decades now.

Here's a cool video of the 1955 John Deere 60 tractor:




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