New Holland 565 and 311 Balers Sold High on New York Auction

Wow, those balers!

My reaction to sale price report from a farm auction in central New York Saturday (May 4, 2019) that featured a pair of super sharp slightly older used New Holland small square balers. The New Holland 565 baler pictured below sold for $10,500.



$10,500 is the highest auction sale price I've seen on a New Holland 565 baler in just over 18 years!

Highest Auction Prices on New Holland 565 Balers


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$10,500 is actually higher than any of the (9) New Holland 565 balers currently advertised for sale today by dealers around the country at our Machinery Pete web site, click here to view list:



Also sold on the central New York farm auction Saturday, this New Holland 311 small square baler sold for $6,000. Here's a picture.



$6,000 is the 3rd highest auction sale price on a New Holland 311 baler the past 20 years. Here's the scoop:

Highest Auction Prices on New Holland 311 Balers


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Here's a link to (16) New Holland 311 balers for sale today:



Same trend here folks I've been talking/blogging about for some time, premiums paid for the nicest condition used items as they become available, tractors, balers, etc. $6,000 and $10,500 not so high compared to some late model used small square hay balers we see for sale today in the low $30K range.

Here is a link to searchable list of small square balers for sale on Upcoming Auctions at our Machinery Pete web site (updated daily):