MF Balers ! a gaggle of them at NE Ohio Auction

Never seen so many balers from one manufacturer at an auction . Most appear in great shape ,well at least they have paint . Not your typical Ohio areas Baler anyways.
Made me thing think why the large lot ! To bad I couldn’t come back and see Saturday sale,at Chalkers , I should ask someone but was to busy having fun looking :eyes:
Thought I would share .
Please share your thoughts

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Wow…Incredible! I’ll try to find out background.

Machinery Pete

I was at Chalkers in southington ,Ohio Friday , I hadn’t been to an auction in a year or more . Had my covid shots. So I got my courage up and went to the April 2 drive thru starts at 2. I got there an hour early and one of the first things I saw was all the MF balers.
My son just bought a 224 and has not got it going. I called him to see if he wanted a parts Baler.” Did you see the photos !”No ,he said no :white_check_mark: okay.
Only reason I posted them was it was probably the largest group of balers of one manufacturer that I ever seen come up for auction.
I do not go to Saturday auction April 3 , because no interest. I stayed home for Easter egg hunt with grandkids ,I got to hide eggs ,did pretty good ,too!
Have a blessed week

Oh , I kept good social distances, i say most people were practicing social distancing ,I d say 30 percent were wearing mask which I thought was higher than I see at Geneva on the lake for sure