Machinery Pete Launches New Monthly Ag Tires & Wheels Online Auction - 1st Sale is Tuesday June 21

Big News: partnering with Dawson Tire & Wheel our Machinery Pete biz is starting a new monthly Ag Tires & Wheels Online Auction within our monthly Machinery Pete Online Auction.

1st sale is Tuesday (June 21). 15 sets of ag tires/wheels (12 New sets of tires!) begin to close at Noon CT. Absolute sale. Here’s link to online bidding on these 15 sets of ag tires selling Tuesday: Begins Closing June 21 | Machinery Pete

All used ag tires certified by Dawson Tire & Wheel ( industry professionals who’ve been in the ag tire biz 25+ years. We are creating a new trusted online auction marketplace to buy/sell ag tires/wheels. Buy with confidence. Better more complete listings with more pictures and VIDEO of tires for sale. All used ag tires/wheels certified by industry experts.

Soon farm equipment dealers and farmers around North America will be invited to list their/your used ag tires & wheels for sale on the Machinery Pete Monthly Ag Tires & Wheels Online Auction - 3rd Tuesday of every month. For far too long ag tires have been an afterthought at auction, not given the spotlight and attention they deserve given how vital ag tires/wheels have become in the farm equipment space over the past 2 decades. That changes now. Every month on our Machinery Pete TV Show - Auction Edition program on RFD-TV ( we will feature ag tires/wheels for sale on that month’s online auction.

Here’s video interview I did with Eric MacPherson talking about our new Machinery Pete - Dawson Tire & Wheel Monthly Ag Tire & Wheel Online Auction:

Tell Your Friends…there’s a new trusted online auction marketplace to buy/sell ag tires & wheels…with Machinery Pete.

Machinery Pete

I could use some tires.