Lamkey Bros. Farm Retirement Online Auction in Riverton, IL Yesterday Produced Record Prices

Remember the old Rolaids TV ads from the 1970’s…“I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”? Well, I’m picking up on a definite new twist to that here in late 2021 from farmers after their retirement auction finishes up.

"I can’t believe my equipment sold for that!"

Such was the case yesterday for Patrick Lamkey of Riverton, IL after their Lamkey Bros. online farm retirement auction concluded as part of yesterday’s Bigiron weekly online sale. Click here to view full sale price report from Lamkey Bros. auction yesterday:
Here’s a picture of Patrick Lamkey and Bigiron District Sales Mgr. Zack Witvoet.

Patrick could not believe the prices,” said Witvoet

A few highlights from the sale yesterday…

2019 CaseIH 7250 with 751 engine hours, sold: $320,250

Pete’s Note: "$320,250 is new record auction price on 7250. Previous high price was $305,000 which was set on 3/24/21 farm auction in Duncombe, IA

2019 MacDon FD135 flex draper head, sold: $89,000

Pete’s Note:$89,000 is new record auction price on FD135. Previous high price was $77,000 set just last week on 12/16/21 Alabama auction

2019 CaseIH 4408 8R-30 chopping corn head, sold: $56,751 (trailer not included)

Pete’s Note:$56,751 is highest auction price on 4408 in exactly 4 years

2012 CaseIH Steiger 500HD with 1303 hours, sold: $230,250

Pete’s Note:$230,250 is new record auction price on Steiger 500HD. Previous high price was $202,000 just set on 3/9/21 sale in Iroquois, SD

2012 CaseIH Steiger 350HD with 3140 hours, sold: $167,500

Pete’s Note:$167,500 is highest auction price on Steiger 350HD in nearly 7 years…since 3/5/15 Paris, IL sale

2016 CaseIH Maxxum 125 with 265 hours & loader, sold: $99,250

Pete’s Note:$99,250 is 2nd highest auction price ever on Maxxum 125 with loader. The record price of $103,000 was set just on 5/5/21 online auction - 2018 model with loader, only had 77 hours

2012 Kinze 3700 24R-30 planter, sold: $88,500

Pete’s Note:$88,500 is highest auction price on 3700 24-row planter in exactly 7 years and the 3rd highest auction price ever

2014 J&M 375ST seed tender, sold: $32,500

Pete’s Note:$32,500 is 3rd highest auction price ever on J&M 375 seed tender and also the 3rd highest auction price THIS MONTH…12/2/21 Kimball, MN auction saw 2016 J&M 375 sold for $35,500 and a 12/16/21 Bradford, TN auction saw J&M 375 sold for $35,000. Owner Patrick Lamkey said he paid $25,000 for this J&M 375ST seed tender new in 2014

Congratulations to Patrick Lamkey and his brother on their retirement auction yesterday in Riverton, IL. I would say you picked the perfect time to sell…right into the HOTTEST USED MARKET I’VE SEEN IN MY 32 YEARS.

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That Case IH 7250 has some really big tires