Sale Price Report - Don Zuber Farm Retirement Auction Today in Dundas, IL - Record Prices

Just to show record sale prices aren’t limited to the colors Green, Red, Blue and Yellow…let’s zero in on the Don Zuber online farm retirement auction today, January 24, 2022, in Dundas, IL, a sale by our great friends at Sullivan Auctioneers ( Here are a few sale price highlights on record prices on ORANGE and SILVER paint:

2006 AGCO RT155A with 3205 hours, sold: $76,500

Pete’s Note:New record high auction price on RT155A here at $76,500 - By a Ton! Next highest auction price ever on RT155A without a loader is $54,000 on 2/29/20 sale in Marshall, MO on a 2008 model RT155A with 2300 hours. With a loader the next highest auction price on RT155A is $71,500 on 6/26/21 farm sale in Havre, MT on 2007 model with 5100 hours and loader

2002 AGCO RT145 with 3840 hours, sold: $51,000

Pete’s Note:$51,000 is highest auction sale price ever on RT145 sold without a loader and the 2nd highest auction sale price I’ve seen on RT145…only higher sale price was $63,000 on Howe, TX auction way back on 4/10/13 but again, that RT145 did sell with a loader, had 2877 hours

1974 Allis Chalmers 200, sold: $14,250

Pete’s Note:$14,250 is 2nd highest auction sale price ever on Allis Chalmers 200…highest sale price in almost 7 years


2014 Gleaner S68 with 1023 engine hours, sold: $216,000

Pete’s Note:$216,000 is new record high auction sale price on S68 combine - By a Ton! Highest auction price prior on S68 combine was $136,000 on 8/22/17 Sullivan Auctioneers consignment auction in Hamilton, IL on S68 with only 550 engine hours

Click here to view full sale price report from the Don Zuber online farm retirement auction today in Dundas, IL:

I sure had fun last Wednesday stopping to do an auction preview video with owner Don Zuber at his Dundas, IL farm. Always great to hear the owner talk about his equipment that is selling. If you missed that preview video, here it is:

Congrats on your sale today Don! Wishing you a very happy retirement!

Machinery Pete

That is a nice looking Agco tractor