John Deere 9330 4WD Tractor Sold $20K+ Over Record Price Today on Minnesota Auction

I suspected it would be another new record high tractor auction price.

I was right.

The tractor in question on Hamilton Auction Company’s Annual Labor Day Auction in Dexter, MN ( went just over $20K over the former record price which had just been set 10 mo. ago. Here’s the scoop:

2010 JD 9330 4WD with only 415 actual hours, 1 owner, PTO, sold: $269,000
Pete’s Note:Now 3 of the 4 Highest auction sale prices ever on JD 9330 4WD Tractors have come the past 10 mo.


Here’s pic of the former record price 9330…2011 model with 1256 hours sold for $248,600 on 12/14/21 farm auction in Orleans, IN.


“Tractor Specs” on JD 9330’s: John Deere 9330 Tractor Specs | Machinery Pete

Of course one of the main drivers behind the amazing run UP in used Tractor (and all types of farm equipment) values continues to the unprecedented TIGHT SUPPLY of used inventory available for sale. Case in point - JD 9330 4WD Tractors. Only 7 of them listed for sale right now in our Machinery Pete web site. Click on link below to view those 7 for sale

Link to (7) JD 9330’s for sale today: Used John Deere 9330 Tractors for Sale - 7 Listings | Machinery Pete

Machinery Pete

That is a mean looking tractor.

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