John Deere 4960 Tractor Values

How much is $22K worth?

Easy Pete, $22K is worth $22K…right? Sometimes. Let me explain. Last Friday (June 28, 2019) my good friends at Ryerson Auction & Realty ( had a farm estate auction in Woolstock, IA (north-central Iowa) for Virgil Mourlam. On this auction was this sharp 1993 John Deere 4960 MFWD tractor with 4,498 hours, Power Shift:


Oh yeah, on the sale bill it said…"***Tractor has been driven 7 miles home for only hours since Nielsen (JD dealer) overhaul which cost $22,240.82.***"

It sold for $61,500.

That is the 4th highest auction sale price so far this year on a John Deere 4960.

Highest Auction Prices This Year on John Deere 4960 Tractors

For perspective, the Avg. Auction Price so far this year on JD 4960 Tractors = $34,583 (High $68,000; Low $12,750). 2 years ago the Avg. Auction Price on 4960’s was $31,039. 4 years ago, in 2015, the Avg. Auction Price on JD 4960’s was $35,289. The current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on JD 4960 tractors = $47,980.

"Tractor Specs" on JD 4960’s:

Link to view (18) JD 4960’s for sale today:


The Virgil Mourlam farm estate auction Friday in Woolstock, IA had a few other very interesting pieces sold…here are a few highlights:

1986 JD 4450 MFWD with 6224 hours, Quad Range: $37,000

Pete’s Note: Avg. Auction Price this year on JD 4450’s = $29,787

2007 JD 9560 STS with 1766 engine hours: $67,500

Pete’s Note: Avg. Auction Price this year on JD 9560 STS = $52,725 (High $71,000)

2001 Freightliner F180 twin screw, Kann alum. box, 277K+ miles: $49,000

2018 JD MX15 15’ batwing cutter: $10,600

Pete’s Note: “2nd highest auction price past 2 1/2 years on MX15 here…highest $14,500 on 4/3/18 Scranton, ND farm auction”

2002 Hagie 2100 4WD sprayer with 2196 hours: $41,000

Pete’s Note: “Highest auction price on Hagie 2100 Sprayer in just over 6 years”

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