John Deere 4450 Tractors Rising in Value

They were made from 1983 -1988. Hard to believe the earliest ones now 40 years old.

John Deere 4450 Tractors. View “Tractor Specs” on 4450’s here:

Been pretty interesting to study the auction sale price data on 4450’s over my 33 years compiling prices. In just concluded 2022 John Deere 4450’s sold for the highest Avg. Auction Price ever at $34,707, nudging just a smidge past last year (2021) Avg. Auction Price of $34,677.


Note how the current Avg. Auction Price on JD 4450’s ($34,707) is notably higher than 10 years ago in 2012 ($29,455) and 20 years ago in 2002 ($25,704).

2022 closed out very strong in terms of auction sale prices on JD 4450’s with a pair selling high on pair of December 30th auctions. Here’s the scoop:

1984 JD 4450 with 4977 hours: $66,000 on 12/30/22 online auction - Washington, IA

1985 JD 4450 with 5955 hours: $55,200 on 12/30/22 online auction - Minot, ND

Couple more very strong sale prices on JD 4450’s came on a 12/5/22 Hamlin, IA farm retirement auction we filmed for our Machinery Pete TV show ( Here’s the scoop on those 4450’s:

1988 JD 4450 2WD with 7375 hours: $55,000

1987 JD 4450 with 7075 hours & JD 265 loader: $75,000

The highest auction price ever on a JD 4450? That would be the famous 1988 model 2WD with only 256 actual hours on it sold for $94,725 U.S. on a 10/28/20 estate auction in Speers, SK for a former part owner of a local John Deere dealership who bought the '88 model 4450 2WD new as an investment and basically put it in storage for 32 years. Here’s the episode of Machinery Pete TV Show were we featured this '88 JD 4450 2WD with 256 hours selling:

Here’s link to check out (38) JD 4450’s for sale today:

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