John Deere 4455 2WD Tractor with 1955 Hours on Indiana Auction Tomorrow

Only 1,955 actual, 1 owner hours.

On a 1992 John Deere 4455 2WD tractor up for sale tomorrow (November 18, 2017) on a farm estate auction in Pendleton, IN. The sale by Jeff Boone & Associates Auctioneers. Here's a link to the sale bill:

Here are a couple pictures of the 4455.

Any time I see such LOW hours on a 25 year old tractor like this, always wonder what the scoop is, "Why the low hours?" So I called auctioneer Jeff Boone:

"Yes, these are the original hours and it is a one owner tractor," said Boone. "He traded a 4440 in on this tractor on June 4, 1992 at Reynolds Farm Equipment in Fishers, IN. They only farmed around 500 acres and had other tractors to share the workload. In October 2014 they took the tractor back to Reynolds Farm equipment because they noticed it was down on power. The tractor was found to have a bad injector, but they insisted that Reynolds perform an entire engine overhaul and replace anything that it needed. We have all of the receipts and documentation. The tractor has always been kept inside and the paint is original. Truly is a great tractor in a real find!"

Now we know.

So, only 1,955 actual, 1 owner high might it go? Well, you know me, I always like to look to comparable recent sale price examples for insight. So here's a look at the 5 highest auction sale prices we've seen on John Deere 4455 2WD Tractors going back to the start of 2016:

5 Highest Auction Prices on JD 4455 2WD Tractors Past 2 Years

Price Year Hours Date

Type of Auction

Area Sold* PS/QR
$53,000 1990 1,950 6/9/16 Farm SWIA QR
$50,500 1991 2,905 3/5/16 Farm SWMI PS
$46,000 1992 3,800 1/28/17 Consign. NEMO QR
$45,582 1990 4,676 4/7/16 Farm SESK PS
$40,000 1992 5,650 6/21/17 Farm NCIA PS

* Area Sold: SWIA = southwest Iowa, etc. Data by

Here is a picture of the 1990 John Deere 4455 2WD with 1,950 hours sold for $53,000 on the June 9, 2016 farm auction in southwest Iowa:

And here is a pic of the 2nd highest priced 4455 in our data table, the 1991 model 4455 2WD with 2,905 hours sold for $50,500 on the March 5, 2016 farm auction in southwest Michigan:

Stay tuned, I hope to have video to post of the 1992 model 4455 2WD with 1,955 original, 1 owner hours selling tomorrow on the Pendleton, IN farm estate high do you think it will go?