1992 John Deere 4455 2WD with Only 2145 Hours - 1 Owner - Selling on Dec. 28 Minnesota Auction

My auction friend Eric G. dropped me a note on a particular tractor of interest coming for sale at auction in Litchfield, MN on December 28.


1992 JD 4455 2WD with 2145 hours, 1 owner - Bev Anderson - Litchfield, MN

Eric G. is with the great team at Steffes Group. The Dec. 28th sale in Litchfield, MN is their Year End Late Model Equipment Online Auction. Here’s link to this sale - with whopping 225 pics of this 1992 JD 4455 with 2145 hours: Year End Late Model Equipment Auction - Steffes Group, Inc.

Eric G. picks up the “story” on this super low hour 4455:

This will be my 24th year in the auction business and I can reminisce on a hundred stories of farm sales where the family says, I’m going to keep the old 1086 or the 4440 just to have around for snow removal. Maybe you always wonder a little what ever happened to that old tractor still sitting in the shed after the crowds of a farm sale leave and the yards are quiet again. Maybe they really are meant to stay on the farm for snow duty or that old tractor is just a reminder of farming days gone by.”

This is a story of that old tractor. In 2006 I was contacted to help with the Kenny Anderson estate sale in Litchfield MN. I remember meeting his widow Bev, we discussed sale details and she said the 4455 has to stay on the farm for snow duties! Her daughter contacted me the other day and said mom is ready to set the old work horse out to someone else’s pasture. What a surprise it was to see it had only acquired 100 hours since there sale back in 2006. Ken and Bev bought this tractor brand new at Litchfield John Deere and live about 1/4 mile north of the store. She’s an all original 4455 with 2145 hours verified buy the salesman who sold it to them. So every once in a while those old ‘I’m gonna keep one tractor on the farm’ stories do come back around. We will be selling on December 28th. She made her farthest journey from home to our yard south of Litchfield.”

There you go folks, the Paul Harvey angle you were wondering about on this 1992 JD 4455 2WD with only 2145 “1 owner” hours - The Rest of The Story.

Thanks to my buddy Eric G. with Steffes Group for the heads up on this GEM of a tractor. If you’re wondering what it’s worth and what it could go for…you may recall that I covered an amazing farm retirement auction in Winchester, KY back on October 28, 2023. On that sale a super sharp JD 4455 2WD with 3549 hours sold for new record high auction price - $97,850. Here’s Machinery Pete YouTube video I posted of it selling…HUGE auction crowd that day:



Couple other EYE CATCHING low hour Tractors selling on Steffes Group Dec. 28 auction…

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Machinery Pete