JD 7800 2WD Tractor Sold Today on WI Farm Auction - 2nd Highest Price Ever with 4000+ Hours

This sharp 1993 JD 7800 2WD tractor with 4111 hours sold today on the Ross Klosterman farm auction in Bonduel, WI by Nolan Sales.


SOLD: $62,000

$62K is tied for the 2nd highest auction sale price I’ve ever seen on 2WD JD 7800 with 4000+ hours. The only one sold higher came in at $63,000 on a 12/30/21 online auction in Cedar Rapids, IA. It was a 1994 model 7800 2WD with 4246 hours. It sold on a www.bigiron.com online auction.

Another sharp 2WD tractor sold on today’s Bonduel, WI farm auction…this JD 6120M with 1400 hours and JD 640R loader. It went for $60,000.


Click here to view full sale price report from the Klosterman farm auction today in Bonduel, WI - very nice line of Hay Equipment: https://tinyurl.com/MachineryPete-BonduelWI


Machinery Pete

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