Is $5K Good Deal on Nice Massey Ferguson 65 with Attachments?

Email question from Brandie:

“Pete, I am considering buying a 1959 Massey Ferguson 65 tractor that comes with Seeder; boom sprayer; 2 point plow; cultipacker; dethatcher; back blade; disc. The guy I’m looking to buy it from is asking $5K for everything. He just had a bunch of work done on it; the clutch, brakes, all 4 tires, front bushings, head gasket and a few other things have been replaced in the last 3 years. He bought the tractor last year and has had zero issues with it. I am new in the tractor world and am looking for some advice on if this is a good deal or if the price is high considering the age of the tractor. Thank You” - Brandie

My reply: If the 1959 Massey Ferguson 65 you are looking at is in good condition, has had recent work done to it and sells with all those attachments…then I think $5K would be reasonable asking price Brandie. The Avg. Auction Price on the last (46) Massey Ferguson 65 Tractors sold = $1,781, with a High of $8,000 and Low of $450 (scrap). Here is a look at the (5) highest auction sale prices on Massey Ferguson 65 Tractors the past 3 years:

Highest Auction Prices on Massey Ferguson 65 Tractors Past 3 Years

Note how these 65’s did not sell with the array of attachments as in the deal you are considering. Those attachments obviously add value.

Here is a link to view (8) Massey Ferguson 65’s for sale today all over, click to view:

Note how (3) of the Massey Ferguson 65’s for sale by dealers are priced over $5K and another one at $4,900.

So again, if the 65 you are looking at is in good condition, I would say $5K is fair price to pay given the recent work and all the attachments included. You may want to try and learn bit more all the work done to it, get the seller to talk more about the work, where/when that work was done, etc.

Hope this info was helpful Brandie. Good luck!