$35K Good Price on JD 4755 MFWD with 5300 Hours?

Matthew F. from central Minnesota: “Good morning Machinery Pete! I’m in central Minnesota and have the opportunity to buy a John Deere 4755 with front wheel assist with 5,300 hrs on it. It came from a farm that only ran 160 acres. I don’t think this tractor has ever seen a days work. Is $35,000 in the right price range?
Thanks, Matthew”

My reply: "Yep, $35K sounds like good deal Matthew. Our Machinery Pete auction price data shows the Avg. Auction Price on 4755’s been running in the $25K - $26K range past few years, but here’s look at nicest 4755’s I’ve seen sold past 21 mo. Hope this helps! Good luck…keep me posted :slight_smile:

Recent Auction Prices on Nice JD 4755 Tractors

That correspondence was last week. Just heard back from Matthew last night…he got the 4755 bought! Paid $35K on the money. Here are a few pics:


Congrats Matthew! Enjoy your new tractor. Send me a video clip of you guys in action in the field sometime…ALWAYS fun to see super nice condition 55 Series tractors in action!

In case anyone else out there looking for a JD 4755, here’s a link showing (20) for sale today all over: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/175-hp/john-deere/4755

Machinery Pete