IHC 1568 with Replacement Hood Sold for $38K on Iowa Auction

V8 tractors are smoking hot.

Hotter than I've ever seen them, and you know if you've been following me that I've been saying old V8 tractors have been lighting up collector buyers going back to 2008.

3 more auction sale price examples from this past week show how red hot old V8 tractors have become. Last Saturday on a collector auction in Lemars, IA by my friends at Polk Auction (http://www.polkauction.com) a 1976 IHC 1568 black stripe with no 3pt. and a replacement hood sold for $38,000. Here's a picture of it:


"They bought it in a junk yard and had been putting parts on to complete it," said Dennis Polk. "It had a replacement 1466 hood on it, but it was a 1568."

$38,000 is the 2nd highest auction sale price I've seen on an IHC 1568. The only higher auction sale price is $41,500 paid for a restored 1974 model with 2,600 hours sold on Mecum Auction's collector auction November 2, 2013 in Davenport, IA. Here's a picture of that 1568:


Another hot seller on the Lemars, IA collector auction last Saturday was this IHC 1468, another old V8 model, that sold for $26,250. Here's a picture:


And the topper on the V8 tractor front last week of course was the restored Ford Jubilee with a flathead V8 sold on the Bob Gabeline collector auction Tuesday in Yarmouth, IA for a whopping $52,000. I was there and shot this Youtube video of it selling...wow: