If I wasn't a farmer I'd be a _____?

Fill the blank, what would you be doing if you weren’t out on the field?

US senator doing everything I could to enforce anti trust laws, stop the monopolies that are strangling Agriculture and stop these bogus government reports that are designed to punish farmers.

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I`d likely be a mechanic or an agronomist.

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some gems from our facebook friends;

  • I had big plans for being a bounty hunter/movie stunt man like Colt Seavers in The Fall Guy if the farm thing didn’t work out when I was a kid.

  • Able to sleep at night

  • Insurance company they never go broke.

Since my grandfather was stubborn and pushed my dad from the farm and when younger I was only around to help when he had some health issues, I would go back to being an electrician which I did for 20years. I could slide back into that and since at this point my dad is tryng to sell his business that he’s had for over 40 years it would probably be a better deal than farming. I just like farming better.

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