How Rare are 150 HP 2WD Open Station Tractors?

Tony R. - from central Illinois: "I really enjoy your posts and TV shows, etc. Was just curious how often you come across 150 HP open station tractors that are 2WD?

My reply: Not too often!

More from Tony:We bought this 7330 tractor in about 2012 from AHW John Deere in Dwight, IL ( It had a loader and roughly 200 hours on it and the only thing it had ever done was load seed on a seed tender.


" We bought it to replace our old JD 4020 and after a few months we realized it was just too big of a tractor to do what we were wanting to do with it. We also pulled a 20’ no-till drill with it, but we ended up switching to 1 big planter so after that there just wasn’t much work left for it to do. We ended up selling this tractor in 2014 or 2015 with maybe 400 hours on it. I think we got $65,000 for it. We were told that John Deere made 30 of these 7330 open station 2WD’s and 29 of them were in the state of California!! I have no way to verify that but you sure as heck don’t see many NEW open station 2WD tractors of this size in the Midwest."

You are correct Tony. Pretty rare bird. I check the 100,000+ equipment for sale listings at our web site and found the following for sale today:

Those (5) 140-160 HP 2WD open station tractors for sale today were either JD 6150M’s (4) or JD 6155M’s (1).

More from Tony…

I would’ve given anything to keep that tractor, it was definitely a head turner in the local tractor drives! The part I really liked was when you started that ol’ gal it didn’t have the “utility tractor” sound with the little 4 cylinder, it had a nice rumble like an old 4440 or something, you knew you had something when she fired! I should have kept it and just threw a blanket over it! Just wanted to pass this along on this nice winter day. Take care and keep the posts coming!

Tony mentioned he thought their JD 7330 2WD open station tractor was sold to a dairy farmer in north-central Indiana.

More proof here that Tractor stories come in all shapes and sizes…yes, even late model 150 HP 2WD Open Station.

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