1993 JD 7800 2WD with Only 360 Hours For Sale in Missouri

I've known it was out there since last fall...

A 1993 John Deere 7800 2WD tractor with only 360 actual hours on it, in La Grange, MO. Here's a picture of it:


Now it's for sale, by private owner in our MachineryPete.com web site. Here's a link to view another (11) pics of this like new '93 7800 ton of info on its Specs: https://www.machinerypete.com/details/100-174-hp/1993/john-deere/7800/19752303

The owner's son, Brian Warning, gave me the scoop on this '93 JD 7800's history and the reason for its incredibly low hours..."The tractor was bought new from Martin Kronkee in Liberty, IL by a close family friend and used for one season pulling a planter," said Warning.

"My father then bought it from him when he was ready to trade for a MFWD. It was then used sporadically the first few years of my father owning it. He's always said it was the closest thing to new he ever bought and bothered him seeing hours put on it when he had other older tractors that could do the same job. Few years later he purchased a JD 8400 (that has 2,600 hours on it currently) and that gave him further reasons to let it sit. It started getting used less and less as the years went on till it found its home in the corner of the shop with a blanket draped over the hood."

"He would get it out every spring when we'd clean the shop and take it down the road shifting through all the gears, change oil, and pull it back in the shop. If I remember right it's still got the original fuel filters on it. The only thing not original is the draw bar. We had a draw bar break on a JD 4450 pulling a grain cart years ago and robbing the one from the 7800 was the quickest way to get rolling again. Then he didn't want to put a well used one back in the tractor so it got the new one."

"Dad always said it was his retirement plan."

Here are a few more pics...



Time machine here folks...1993 JD 7800 2WD with only 360 actual hours. Here's that link again with all the info and contact info of the seller: https://www.machinerypete.com/details/100-174-hp/1993/john-deere/7800/19752303