Highest Prices I've Seen on JD 8410 Tractors

Hard to fathom been 20 years now since John Deere started making the 8410 model tractor. Time sure flies.

Here’s an interesting look at the highest auction sale prices I’ve ever seen on John Deere 8410’s:

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 8410 Tractors

"Tractor Specs" on John Deere 8410’s: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/john-deere/8410/7506

Here’s a picture of the record setting 8410, a 2000 model with only 584 hours that sold for $136,000 on a September 11, 2010 farm auction in Aledo, IL:

In the past 2 1/2 years the highest auction sale price on a John Deere 8410 has been $109,000…on a November 17, 2018 farm auction in Sullivan, IN. It was a 2001 model with 2,087 hours. Here’s a picture of it:

John Deere 8410 Tractor Values:
Avg. Auction Price this year: $47,187 (High $75,500)
Avg. Auction Price last year: $56,408 (High $109,000)
Current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price: $74,753

Here’s link to (14) John Deere 8410’s for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/175-hp/john-deere/8410

Machinery Pete