Gleaner R62 Combines

Let’s talk Gleaner R62 combines.

The R62 model was made by Gleaner for a whopping 10 years, from 1992 - 2002. Hard to believe R62’s now moving squarely toward that 20 - 30 year old range. Wow.

As used combines age out into that 15+ year old range, obviously current value takes a significant hit. Last year at auction the average sale price on a Gleaner R62 was $15,975. The average auction price has been running in the mid Teen $$ range the past 4 years now.


Here’s an oddity for you, the 3 highest selling Gleaner R62 combines ever at auction…I’ve got Machinery Pete Youtube video of all 3 selling, each of which sold during an 18 month window from late 2009 into early 2011. Here are those 3 “remember when” videos…perhaps you’ll recognize someone you know in the auction crowds on these sales from Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa:

1997 Gleaner R62 with 1758 engine hours selling for $95,500 on 2/10/11 Bellwood, Neb. sale

2002 Gleaner R62 with 2154 engine hours selling for $92,000 on 1/25/11 Ottawa, IL sale

2001 Gleaner R62 with 1210 engine hours selling for $87,000 on 9/2/09 Conrad, IA sale

Link to (255) Gleaner Combines for sale today: Used Gleaner Combines for Sale | Machinery Pete

The most recent Gleaner R62 combine I’ve seen sold at auction was last Saturday, January 30, 2021, on a large consignment auction in northeast Missouri by our friends at Wheeler Auctions & Real Estate. It was a 2002 model, 4WD, sold for $17,000. Here’s a picture of it.

Click here to view auction sale prices on (112) Gleaner Combines sold at auction the past year:

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