Value of 2005 Gleaner R65 Combine with 3000 Hours

An email question today from Joan…“Pete, what is the value of a 2005 Gleaner R65 combine with approximately 3,000 hours, excellent condition, good rubber, well maintained.”

Pete’s Reply: Sounds like a nice Gleaner Joan! Here’s a look at (10) R65 Combines sold at auction the past 15 months:

Recent Auction Prices on Gleaner R65 Combines

If we do the math here, the Avg. Auction Price on last (9) Gleaner R65 Combines sold in the U.S. over past 15 months = $47,956. The Avg. No. of Engine Hours on these R65’s = 2,716.

Here’s a picture of the 2005 Gleaner R65 with 2,691 engine hours sold for $48,000 on a 12/28/17 consignment auction in west-central Illinois by Sullivan Auctioneers (

Here’s pic of the 2006 model R65 with 4,269 engine hours sold for $27,500 on the 12/7/17 farm auction in central Michigan on a sale by Scott and his great crew at Sykora Auction Service, Inc. (

Here’s picture of the 2005 model R65 with 2,448 engine hours sold for $54,000 on an 8/24/17 farm auction in northwest Ohio by Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co. (

And back on an July 1, 2017 farm retirement auction I covered here in southeast Minnesota by Maring Auction Co. ( where a beautiful 2006 Gleaner R65 (pic below) with only 1,100 engine hours sold for $88,000 (corn head sold separate)…here’s link to Youtube video I filmed of it selling:

On the dealer retail side of things, I found a 2005 Gleaner R65 with 1,631 engine hours for sale at our friends at Randall Bros. in Holgate, OH, asking $55,500. Picture of it below. Click on this link for further info on this R65 + 32 pics of it:

Hope this info was helpful Joan!