Farmed Up Until Day He Died At Age 98

He farmed until the day he died.

Richard Riemer of Wadena, MN passed away November 1, 2017 at the age of 98 years old. This past Thursday (April 26, 2018) was the Richard Riemer farm estate auction. The sale was by my friends at United Country Aasness Auctioneers (


"It was all smaller farm equipment on the sale, but we had a pretty strong sale," said auctioneer Cody Aasness. 

The 1984 John Deere 6620 combine pictured below had just over 4,000 hours and sold for $14,500. 


The $14,500 sale price is over double the current Average Auction Price on John Deere 6620 combines. Here's a closer look at 6620 combine values going back almost a full decade:

John Deere 6620 Combine Values - Avg. Auction Price

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Shifting to a look at the nicest condition John Deere 6620's, here's a look at the 10 highest auction sale prices I've seen on 6620's going back to the start of 2017:

Highest Recent Auction Prices on John Deere 6620 Combines

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Here's a pic of the highest recent auction price 6620 sold...a 1980 model with 5,053 hours, 4WD, sold (no heads) for $25,000 on a 12/15/17 auction in Hopkinsville, KY:

Here's a pic of the 2nd highest recent auction price 6620...a 1983 model with 3,621 hours sold on an 8/5/17 farm auction in Glencoe, MN:

Richard Riemer took very good care of his farm equipment. Another strong seller on his estate auction Thursday was the 1978 White 2-105 tractor pictured below. It had 9,953 hours. The oil and filter were changed faithfully every 100 hours:


It sold for $11,000. That is the highest auction sale price in 3 years on a White 2-105 2WD tractor.