Don’t be intimidated by anybody when looking a Auction items

Was at the Auction Friday looking at MF balers . A guy in a white suv from Florida comes diving up and asked if he can help me. I said no .He’s said he bought all these balers. oh ! He buys a lot of them . He said he bought all of them this morning. I thought it was strange . So I looked a little more. He actually thought I might be someone who pilfer,
on and on. He drove off . I walked back main indoor sale area. On the way back I met the office gal . I said have those equipment in that area been sold she said no . They are up for sale tomorrow. Well I told her you see that guy in the white suv . He told me he bought them this morning. She said he probably doesn’t want you to bid on them.
Any way I did was check the numbers, He didn’t buy it them It was just an early April fool attempts.
Pretty low I’d say , just wanted to tell you all