Cultivators Selling High on Recent Auctions

Good used Cultivators have been red hot sellers.

Yesterday (April 7, 2020) on the online farm reduction auction for Sweeney Farms in Larimore, ND by our friends at The Steffes Group ( the CaseIH 183 16R-30 cultivator pictured below sold for the highest auction price in 14 years on a 183 model.

SOLD: $6,400.

Highest auction price in 14 years on a 183 cultivator…2nd Highest auction in 20+ years.

As the title of this blog indicates, I’ve been seeing some awfully strong sale prices on good condition used Culivators recently. Here’s a look at the Highest sale prices going back to November '19.


Note: 15 of the 24 Highest auction sale prices on Cultivators the past 5 months have come on online auctions. Our good friends in the yellow shirts get 'er done. Note they also have the 3 Highest sale prices. Below is a picture of the highest seller…$27,500 on this Buffalo 6600 High Residue 16R-30 cultivator from Tilden, Neb. son on the 12/18/19 online auction.

Another 12-row cultivator auction sale price that turned heads recently was the JD 856 12R-30 sold for $15,750 on a 1/3/20 farm auction in Sanborn, IA…3rd Highest auction price on a JD 856 cultivator in 20+ years. Here’s a picture of it.


Here’s link to check out (327) Cultivators for sale today:

Link to searchable list of (125) Tillage items for sale on Upcoming Auctions, updated daily:

Machinery Pete