CaseIH 6130 Combine and STX375 Tractor Sold High Today on MN Auction

The trend continues...

Good condition used farm equipment continues to bring strong $$ at auction this summer, despite the tough ag economy, tariff/trade war issues and soft commodity prices. The latest example came today (August 2, 2018) on the farm retirement auction for Robert and Marilyn Nohl in Hancock, MN (west-central Minnesota). The sale today was by my old friends at Zielsdorf Auction and Real Estate Services (

A few examples of the strong prices on today's sale:

2013 CaseIH 6130 Combine, 268 engine hours: $169,000


$169K is the highest auction sale price on a CaseIH 6130 combine in just over 3 1/2 years. Had to go back to 12/11/14 dealer auction in north-central Illinois to find a higher price...$172,000 for a 2012 model 6130 with 590 engine hours. Here's a look at recent auction sale prices on CaseIH 6130 Combines:

Recent Auction Prices on CaseIH 6130 Combines

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Also selling strong on today's farm auction in Hancock, MN was the 2005 CaseIH STX375 4WD tractor with 1,829 hours for $95,500 (pictured below). That is the highest auction sale price in the U.S. in 34 months on an STX375...highest auction price in the U.S. since a 2005 model STX375 with only 762 hours sold for $119,000 on a farm auction in northwest Nebraska back on 10/16/15.



Wondering what STX375's have been selling for? Here's your answer:

Recent Auction Prices on CaseIH STX375 Tractors

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One more red tractor sold on today's auction was the 2006 CaseIH MX245 Magnum with 2,110 hours pictured below, it sold for $78,000.



Recent Auction Prices on CaseIH MX245 Tractors


Both the heads on today's auction sold for $25,500...a 2011 CaseIH 2606 6R-30 chopping corn head and a 2012 CaseIH 3020 Terra Flex head. Pictures below:





I'll leave you with one more sale price from today's farm retirement auction in west-central Minnesota, only 15 miles from where I grew up (Benson, MN)...the John Deere 400 12R-30 rotary hoe pictured below sold for $6,600:


...when you need 'em, you need 'em.