1983 JD 8820 Combine with 0 Sep. Hours To Sell at Auction

Ok, this is flat amazing.

Our friends at the Steffes Group (www.steffesgroup.com) just releasing info today on an upcoming online farm estate auction in Beardsley, MN, bidding opens June 10 and will end June 18th. On this online Zych farm estate auction are a pair of simply incredible older combines.

Are you sitting down?

1983 John Deere 8820 with 0 Sep. Hours, 15.5 Engine Hours

The note on the Steffes Group social media posts this afternoon said of the 15.5 engine hours… "That’s only because they drove it home from the dealership!"

1990 John Deere 9600 with 311 Engine Hours, 208 Sep. Hours

Our friends at the Steffes Group (www.steffesgroup.com) will be releasing a preview video on this online Zych farm estate auction next week with more info. Already you can feel intense interest both in learning more about this pair of like new time machine combines and the sale itself. Stay tuned, we’ll forward along that preview video when it comes out. Here is a link to the sale listing on Steffes’ web site: https://steffesgroup.com/Auction/AuctionDetails?Name=zych-estate-farm-auction-31911

As to the question of what these amazing, as new, vintage combines are worth? That’s a fascinating question. Obviously going to be hard…er, impossible, to find good comparables to lean on for guidance. First thing I thought of when seeing these two combines was the 1982 John Deere 7720 with only 478 engine hours, 1 owner, that sold for $50,000 on a 3/6/09 farm estate auction in west-central Illinois. Here’s a picture of that '82 7720 on sale day…literally were tons of folks swarming all over it.

Here is a look at the highest auction sale prices I’ve seen on John Deere 8820 combines the past 20 years. Note however that 2 of the 3 sold with headers, also each combine had more than 1,800 engine hours, and finally note when these (3) 8820’s sold at auction…no less than 17 years ago!

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 8820 Combines

As for the 1990 John Deere 9600 combine with just 311 engine hours on this sale…here’s a look at the highest auction sale prices I’ve seen the past 20 years on 9600’s sold without heads:

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 9600 Combines

Interesting to note the pair of later model 9600’s (1997, 1996) sold by the same auction firm, the Steffes Group, on a March 7, 2000 farm auction in Foxhome, MN…same region as the online farm estate auction June 18th with this pair of crazy low hour JD combines. The 1997 model 9600 with just 388 engine hours sold for $86,000…19 years ago.

What do you think the 1983 model 8820 with 0 sep. hours and the 1990 9600 model with 311 engine hours will go for on June 18th?

We should probably start a betting pool.

Stay tuned for more.

Machinery Pete

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