1998 John Deere 9300 4WD Tractor Sold at Auction Today - Highest Price 10 Years

I’ve been saying it for over 3 decades now…It Pays To Take Great Care of Your Equipment.

More proof today, May 4, 2022, on the weekly online sale by our good friends at www.Bigiron.com where a beautiful 24 year old 4WD tractor sold exceptionally strong.

1998 JD 9300 with 4260 hours, 1 owner, from Lyons, KS, sold: $113,250

Pete’s Note:$113,250 is the highest auction price on a JD 9300 4WD tractor in just over 10 years and the 2nd highest auction price ever


Of course our good friends at Bigiron.com do a fantastic job providing TONS of great pics, videos and detailed info/descriptions on all the items on their weekly online auctions. I LOVED this "Seller’s Story" the provided on this 1998 JD 9300 4WD with 4260 hours from Lyons, KS:

Dr. C Richard (Doc) Friedley retired from a career in Dentistry at the age of 65. Unable to sit still, he took over farming his ground at 65. His love of the land and farming was evident in his dedication to the farm, and loved every minute of his second career. At age 93, he finally realized it may be a little more than he wanted to handle, so he rented the ground out, but held on to the machinery for 2 years to make sure he could really give it up. Now at 95, he has decided to part with his “Girl” (JD 9300) and the other equipment to prepare for whatever 3rd career he decides to take on. All of Doc’s machinery was purchased new and cared for like his customer’s teeth. He even bought his girl new tires to go out in style.

Congrats on your retirement Doc! And congrats on such a fantastic sale on your JD 9300! Job well done caring for it as you did these past 24 years :slight_smile:

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Machinery Pete

That is a nice looking 4WD John Deere