1975 John Deere 4400 Combine Sold for Record Price on Nebraska Auction Saturday

Records are made to broken.

Of course we know this to be true. But not often we see long standing records shattered. When this occurs there is usually a very good reason. Saturday (September 1, 2018) a record was shattered, highest auction price on a John Deere 4400 combine. Deere 4400 combines were made from 1970-1979. The highest auction sale price the past 20 plus years on a 4400 combine sold at auction with no heads was $6,250, all the way back on a February 10, 2006 auction in west-central Illinois, where a 1979 model 4400 with 1,733 hours sold for $6,250.

That record price was shattered Saturday on the Rief farm estate auction in Grand Island, Neb....by the 1975 model John Deere 4400 pictured below that had, amazingly, only 480 actual hours on it:


It sold for $13,000.

Machinery Pete Facebook follower Justin C. was at the auction and heard that a relative of David Rief around 15 years old bought the combine and plans to farm 30 acres with it. These older, simpler, smaller capacity harvesters are wonderful fit, when in very good condition like this, for folks needing to harvest small acreages.

Here are some more pics of the 1975 John Deere 4400 combine with only 480 hours:


















This farm estate auction Saturday in Grand Island, Neb. by Tom Wieck Realty & Auction also saw a pair of 1970's John Deere tractors sell very strong. The 1977 John Deere 4230 with only 1,975 hours pictured below sold for $26,300...the highest auction sale price on a 4230 in exactly 3 years:



And this 1971 John Deere 4320 with 3,208 hours sold for $17,750, 3rd highest auction price this year on a 4320:


More proof...classics never go out of style.