What is Value of Versatile 300 Tractor?

Jordan P. - Saskatchewan: “Hello Pete, wondering if you had any idea on a value on a Versatile 300. I know there weren’t many built, I just don’t feel there if there is a following for them. I’m in Saskatchewan and my neighbor has 2 that he would like to sell. They don’t have many hours, however they are sitting outside. Just wondering if there was any market for them at all, and an idea of an asking price. Thanks for any assistance.”

Here are pics of them:



Pete’s Reply: Hey Jordan, thanks for reaching out. Yes, Versatile 300’s are pretty rare. Not sure exact No. made. I’ve seen notations stating 200 total were made. Over the past 20 years I’ve only seen 4 sold at auction. Here’s the scoop:

Auction Prices on Versatile 300 4WD Tractors

I think definitely think there is a market for your neighbor’s (2) 300’s he wants to sell. Trend I’ve noticed over past 2-3 years…rare older 4WD tractors becoming more valuable, more sought after. The key when selling is to GET THE WORD OUT in big way via the internet. I can help on this front. Can you get some more background info/history from your neighbor on his 300’s? How long he owned? What dealer he buy from? How did use them over the years. Stuff like that. Kind of fills in the blank about them. Let me know whatever info you can find out from him.

"Tractor Specs" on Versatile 300’s: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/versatile/300

Stay tuned for more on this pair of Versatile 300 4WD tractors for sale in Saskatchewan folks…

Machinery Pete