What is Oliver 1900 Front Wheel Assist Worth?

This “Ask Pete” question comes from Facebook follower Kathleen…“Would you be able to tell my husband what a fair price would be for an Oliver 1900 front wheel assist?”

Kathleen also wanted to know how many Oliver 1900 front wheel assists with 453 Detroit Diesel were made. I do not know the specific answer to the how many made question, but when it comes to what 1900 front wheel assists are worth…here’s look at the last 5 I’ve seen sold at auction:

Here’s a picture of the restored Oliver 1900 front-wheel assist sold for $28,000 by Aumann Auctions on their November 14, 2015 collector auction at their Nokomis, IL auction site. Note it was listed as “1 of 2 Experimental 1900 front-wheel assist tractors made by Oliver”