What is Collector Quality IHC 1086 with 4500 Hours Worth?

Andrew P., Fort Worth, TX: “Just curious what you thought my IHC 1086 is worth. 4500 original hours. One owner. 100% original in every way except tires. Never spent a night outside and is collector quality. Thanks.
I would not hesitate to say it is the nicest original tractor for sale in the country at the moment. I was hoping to get $20K for it, only had it for sale two weeks now.”

Here are a few pics of Andrew’s very nice IHC 1086 with 4,500 hours:

I shared with Andrew the facts on the nicest condition IHC 1086’s I’ve seen sold over the past few years with some creeping up into the high $$ teens even up to the mid $20K range.

Highest Auction Prices on IHC 1086 Tractors Last 3 Years

Here’s a picture of the highest priced IHC 1086 sold at auction the past 3 years, the 1979 model with 3,826 hours sold for $24,750 on 12/17/16 farm auction in Atkins, IA:

I also checked our www.machinerypete.com web site for IHC 1086’s for sale today and found 17, including (4) sharp 1086’s listed for sale from $16,750 - $19,500. Click this link to view those 1086’s:

Hope this info is helpful Andrew!


$20 000 would be a good deal compared to a modern 100hp tractor with 4500 hours.