Value of Restored 1963 Chevy C20 Step Side Pickup with 71K miles

This question came via Twitter on a sweet vintage pickup truck…

“Hey Greg, my name is Justin M. and I have a 1963 Chevy C20 step side that has around 71,000 original miles. It was my dad’s uncle’s pickup that we bought and did a exterior restoration on. We are planning to sell it and are curious of value and where would be a good place to advertise this type of farm pickup. I’m from northeast Nebraska. I’ll attach a few pics so you get an idea. Thanks for any input.”…here’s a pic:

**Pete’s Reply: Wow, that is 1 sharp truck Justin! Thanks for sharing the pic and info on it. We have tons of auction sale price data on pickup trucks, but the trick here is finding comparables to your amazing C20. I did see a restored 1965 Chevy C10 pickup sell for $23,500 on a collector auction in Greensboro, NC on 11/3/17. Here’s a pic of it:

Also ran across this restored Chevy C20 from Neb. a while back, think it was advertised for sale at $21,500, not sure what year it was. Here’s a pic of it:

On the famous Sept. '13 Lambrecht Chevy dealer auction in Nebraska where the 90+ yr old dealer just kept tons of stuff over the decades, he had pair of Chevy C10’s that had sat outside for years, but super low miles, one was '64 model sold for $24,000, and also a '64 model C10 with 26K miles for $20,000. But unrestored. Staying on the topic of C10’s, a nice 1968 Chevy C10 sold for $29,000 on a collector auction in Effingham, NH on 7/9/16.

Finally, going back a bit further, a ran across this restored 1965 Chevy C20 pickup sold for $36,850 on the Barrett-Jackson collector auction in Las Vegas back in 2009. Here’s a picture of it:

Hope this info is helpful Justin! In terms of selling your 1963 Chevy C20…gotta get it out across the internet for potential buyer’s worldwide to see. Might not be bad idea to try Craigslist ads around Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver, etc. Hard to find vintage Chevy C20’s as nice as yours. Keep me posted!