They Farmed for 67 Years - John and Joanne Ball Farm Retirement Auction Wednesday

It’s not all about record prices.

Far from it.

30+ years I’ve been tracking auction sale prices all over North America and what I’ve really learned…it’s about the people.

Like John Ball.

John and wife Joanne Ball of Hutchinson, MN had their farm retirement auction Wednesday this week (September 2, 2020). Our good friends at the Steffes Group ( had the Ball’s sale.

The Balls farmed for 67 years.

God bless 'em.

No, they didn’t have the biggest, fanciest, latest farm equipment. Nope. No record high sale prices were set on Wednesday. But the LOVE of farming and their equipment shown through on this sale, as I’ve seen it shine through on SO many farm retirement and estate auctions over the past 3 decades I’ve been tracking prices.

My good friend Eric Gabrielson with the Steffes Group clued me in on how John Ball rolled…“I met John Ball in Hutchinson, MN on December 4th and listed his farm retirement sale for September 2nd,” said Gabrielson. “When I met John it was like stepping back in time! The pictures from December show John fine tuning his old IHC truck for the sale (1948 model IHC KB6-F with 18’ box).”

These pics show John today saying goodbye to his old truck and giving some pointers to the new owner.

John’s 1948 IHC KB6-F with 18’ box sold for $1,350 on the auction Wednesday. Click here to view the rest of the sale prices on John and Joanne Ball’s farm retirement auction in Hutchinson, MN on Wednesday…$27K was the highest priced item:

Congrats to John and Joanne Ball on their 67 year farming career, feeding the world, getting 'er done, year after year, no matter what. Congrats on your retirement.

And Thank You.

Machinery Pete