Sweet 1976 IHC Black Stripe 1066 and 1568 Tractors

This one's for you RED tractor fans out there.

Few weeks ago while covering a big farm machinery auction in central Illinois I got to talking with Neil Marshall from Illinois.  We chatted for a while and talk turned to a pair of tractors Neil had at home.

A pair of 1976 model International Harvester Black Stripe tractors, a 1066 with 6,000 hours and a rare '76 model 1568. Neil said only 120 of the 1976 model 1568's were made. Here's a pic of Neil's pair of 1976 Black Stripe beauties:


I just checked our Machinery Pete auction sale price database...did not find any 1976 model IHC 1568's sold over the past 18 plus years, although have seen a fair share of 1974 and 1975 model 1568's sold.

Neil bought the 1976 IHC 1066 tractor new at J.J. Nichting Company dealership (http://www.jjnichting.com). The 1568 Neil bought from a farmer in Maitland, MO a few years back. The restoration process on the 1568 took two years.

Quite a pair of Red Aces you've got there Neil...1976 was a very good year!