Robert and Ann Peterson Retirement Auction Tuesday in Iowa Features Low Hour 1-Owner Equipment

Shout out for the Peterson farm retirement auction coming on Tuesday (Sept. 28, 2021).

Nope, no relation to Machinery Pete Peterson here, but Robert and Ann Peterson of Aurelia, IA have quite a fantastic line of very low hour, 1 owner equipment on their retirement auction Tuesday by my good friends at Iowa Auction Group ( Check out these beauties that will sell Tuesday:

2001 New Holland 8870A with 1907 hours, 1 owner

1990 JD 4455 2WD with 2456 hours, 1 owner

1982 JD 4440 with 4362 hours, 1 owner

2011 Honda 700B Big Red UTV with only 355 miles, 1 owner

The Robert and Ann Peterson farm retirement auction Tuesday (9/28/21) is a live on site sale in Aurelia, IA with online bidding:

Here is my Machinery Pete take on what those beautiful low hour, 1 owner tractors could bring on Tuesday:

Pete’s Take: Record high auction sale price on New Holland 8870A tractor is $69,000 from 8 years ago on 8/7/13 farm auction in Clearmont, MO on a 2000 model 8870A with 3807 hours. And again note…the Peterson’s 8870A selling Tuesday has only 1907 1 owner hours

Pete’s Take: Here’s look at Highest auction prices ever on 2WD JD 4455’s


I was there filming Machinery Pete Youtube video of the still record setting 2WD JD 4455 as it sold on a March 28, 2013 farm auction in Walker, IA…a 1990 model 4455 2WD with 2393 hours, went for $73,750. Here’s the video:

Pete’s Take: Avg. Auction Price on JD 4440’s is UP 13.9% so far this year ($22,696). But of course this is no average 4440 here, a 1982 model, 1 owner, with 4362 hours, Quad Range. Here’s look at the highest recent auction sale prices on JD 4440’s


Here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video of the record setting 1982 JD 4440 with 2513 hours selling for $67,000 on 10/24/20 farm auction in Guttenberg, IA:

I will of course report back next Tuesday (Sept. 28) on how these beautiful low hour, 1 owner tractors sell on the Robert and Ann Peterson farm retirement auction in Aurelia, IA…stay tuned.

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Well, Greg, it sounds like the tractors will bring 65k, and the New Holland will bring 70 to 75K. Part of what we have been seeing since Fall 2019. I have seen some stuff go for record and close to, but no soft prices here in '21. That is a given. :grinning:

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