Record Prices on IHC 3588 and 5488 Tractors Sold Today on Durant, IA Farm Auction

Beautiful red equipment with some age on it sold exceptionally well today (August 31, 2019) on the Stan and Connie Finck farm retirement auction in Durant, IA. The sale was by Four Farmers Auction Service (

Sale price highlights along with my Machinery Pete notes/perspective:

1978 IHC 3588 2+2 with 5170 Hours, sold: $24,000

Pete’s Note:Record high auction price here at $24,000. Previous high was $21,500 on 5/3/11 farm auction in southwest Minnesota, that 3588 had only 1000 hours on it


"Tractor Specs" on IHC 3588’s:

Link to (2) IHC 3588’s for sale today:

1982 IHC 5488 2WD with 5272 hours, sold: $29,000

Pete’s Note:Record high auction price on 2WD model 5488 here at $29,000. Highest auction price on MFWD model 5488 is $37,000, all the way back on 9/5/96 on a farm auction in southwest Minnesota for a 1982 model 5488 MFWD with 473 hours

Here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video of a restored 1983 IHC 5488 MFWD selling for $34,000 on a 6/6/15 auction in Chambersburg, PA:

"Tractor Specs" on IHC 5488’s:

Link to (5) IHC 5488’s for sale today:

1982 IHC 5088 2WD with 7556 Hours (1506 hours on overhaul), sold: $22,500

Pete’s Note:5th highest auction price on 5088 the past 20 years. Highest auction price on 2WD 5088 = $27,000 on 6/16/12 farm auction in Belvidere, SD on 2WD with only 1733 hours

"Tractor Specs" on IHC 5088’s:

Link to (8) IHC 5088’s for sale today:

1981 IHC 1460 combine with 3878 hours, sold: $17,000

Pete’s Note:$17K is 2nd highest auction price on 1460 sold without a head the past 14+ years. Only higher auction price during that time…$19K on 3/29/15 farm auction in Petersburg, IA, that 1460 had 2400 hours

Link to (10) IHC 1460 Combines for sale today:

IHC 35 hay rake, sold: $2,300

Pete’s Note:$2,300 is 2nd highest auction price on IHC 35 rake the past 20 years. Only higher auction price…$3,300 on 2/10/10 online auction from Kansas

Link to (1,201) Hay Rakes for sale today:

IHC 5100 13’ grain drill with grass seed, sold: $6,000

Pete’s Note:$6K is 3rd highest auction sale price this year on an IHC 5100 drill. Highest price…$7,250 on 3/2/19 consignment auction in Waterloo, NY

Link to (24) IHC 5100 drills for sale today:

Like I said, RED HOT sale prices on beautiful RED equipment today on the Stan and Connie Finck farm retirement auction in Durant, IA.

Machinery Pete

I thought the IH 886 that brought 20,000 at the Durant sale was also worth mention.

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Yes, very good point! I should have included the IHC 886 in the blog. It was a beautiful 1979 model with 6,946 hours (1,946 hours on overhaul) and sold for $20,000. That is 2nd highest auction price I’ve seen on an IHC 886 the past 20 years. Only higher price: $22,000 on 10/11/03 farm auction in Isabel, SD for an 886 with just 988 hours…but that one did sell WITH an IHC 2450 Loader, so in actuality the '79 model 886 sold yesterday for $20K on the Durant, IA farm auction is the highest selling 886 w/out a loader! Here’s a picture of it:

Machinery Pete