New Holland 355 Grinder-Mixer Sold on MN Auction Yesterday - 2nd Highest Price Ever

Seems like it happens every couple of months or so…

What you ask?

I’ll see a very nice condition older Grinder/Mixer sell on a farm auction for…WOW IT WENT HOW HIGH kind of price.

Happened again yesterday, August 19, 2021, on the Tim Wellner farm estate auction in beautiful New Ulm, MN, a sale by our good friends at Mages Land Company & Auction Service ( This very sharp New Holland 355 Grinder/Mixer was up for sale.

SOLD: $16,400.

That is the 2nd Highest auction sale price ever on a New Holland 355 Grinder/Mixer.


Interesting to note the still record holding high auction price New Holland 355 sold on a November 18, 2017 auction in Monrovia, IN by good folks at Ted Everett Farm Equipment ( went for $23,500. That 355 was NEVER USED! Here’s a picture of it.


Some more interesting data on New Holland 355 Grinder/Mixers for you…

  • Avg. Auction Price so far this year: $4,646 (High $16,400; Low $850)
  • Avg. Auction Price last year: $4,888 (High $12,500; Low $600)
  • Avg. Auction Price 2 years ago: $4,709 (High $12,100; Low $200)
  • Avg. Auction Price 17 years ago (2004): $4,622
  • Avg. Auction Price 21 years ago (2000): $1,936 (High $5,950; Low $375)

Here’s link to view Machinery Pete Auction Prices on New Holland 355 Grinder/Mixers - 26 sold so far this year and 36 sold last year, 291 sold over past 21 years:

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