Grinder Mixer Sold Yesterday on Pennsylvania Auction - 2nd Highest Price Ever

Saw the 2nd highest auction price ever on a Grinder/Mixer yesterday (June 19, 2020) on an auction in Shippensburg, PA by Martin’s Auction Service. It was an Art’s Way 6520 in Like New condition. Here’s a picture of it.

SOLD: $40,000.


The only Grinder / Mixer I’ve seen sold higher at auction was a 2018 Art’s Way 7165 model from Colfax, IA sold for $42,750 on an 11/20/19 online auction. Here’s a picture of it.

Of course the big thing with used Grinder / Mixer values is…who still makes them? Art’s Way and…crickets. Here’s link to (51) Art’s Way Grinder / Mixers for sale today at dealers across the country, asking prices as high as $70,614 on a 2020 model 8215:

For those reasons, hardly anyone makes them anymore + new costs big $$, that is why we see things like the older, but never used, New Holland 355 sold for $23,500 on the 11/18/17 auction in Monrovia, IN by our friends at Ted Everett Farm Equipment. Here’s a picture of that beauty.


Speaking of super NICE older model New Holland Grinder / Mixers…check out the 358 for sale by my good friend Roger Weideman in Abbotsford, WI today, Like New:

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