Look for whatever in auctions

I want to look for items in upcoming auctions. NOT interested in DEALER ADDS

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What I want to do is search for the Items I’m looking for in AUCTIONS. IF I wanted dealer adds, I’d look at TRACTOR HOUSE for free. I’d like to type example JD 1720 in & see what is going to be on a Farm sale When & WHERE. .

You can do exactly as you describe here at www.machinerypete.com John. Here’s what to do:

  1. Click on “Upcoming Auctions” on tab of our homepage
  2. Where it says “Search by: Event/Equipment”…click “Equipment”
  3. Now use the Category/Make/Model search fields on left side of screen to search for whatever you’re after…so you can search Tractors/John Deere/4020 and find (12) matches today (12/12/17)

The info in “Upcoming Auctions” database is updated daily, so keep checking back, always tons of new equipment items flowing in here daily!

Machinery Pete

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