Last SN# John Deere 4255 Tractor To Sell on Iowa Farm Auction Sunday

Here it is again.

The very last JD 4255 tractor made.

SN# RW4255P011844

This 1992 model JD 4255 2WD tractor will sell Sunday (November 10, 2019) on the Dan & Ryan Winter farm auction in Lawler, IA, a sale by my good friends at Sweeney Auction Service (

If you are a long time Machinery Pete follower you may remember this tractor…it sold on a March 26, 2011 consignment auction in Fredricksburg, IA by Ray Dietz Auctioneering and Real Estate. Back then, 8 and 1/2 years ago, this beautiful last made 4255 had 1850 hours and sold for $72,000.

That $72,000 price is still a record on 4255’s.

Here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video I posted of this last made JD 4255 tractor selling for $72,000 on 3/26/11:


Interesting note on this tractor…it actually marked what I consider to be the “start” of the trend of the 1st or last SN# of a particular Tractor model making it worth a LOT more $$$. I have heard of many instances prior to this March 2011 auction of 1st or last SN# tractors selling for just regular type $$$ when they were offered for sale at auction.

So, what changed?

The internet.

Social media.

Since that March 2011 auction…now when a 1st or last SN# tractor model comes up for sale it seems the whole world knows in advance. It’s become “a thing” to find and obtain the 1st or last SN# tractor model.


In this case it will be SO interesting to see what this last SN# JD 4255, now with still low number of hours (3,535 hours), will sell for on the Lawler, IA farm auction Sunday.

What’s your sale price guess?

Stay tuned.


"Tractor Specs" on JD 4255’s:

Machinery Pete